Prefigurative Institutions (introductory essay performed at Louise Dany, Oslo)
To Move Into Position (first version written for an Open Engagment panel with FIELD Journal and re-presented in new form as a performative lecture at INCA, Seattle)
The Game of a Free City (published for an eponymous exhibition and reprinted for the 11th Gwangju Biennial in Free As in Free... by INCA PRESS and Publication Studio
I am for an artist who vanishes (performed by an alternate speaker at Open Engagement, Queens Museum)

Site-conditional criticism

Margin (form-centric essay for the margins of a hypothetical neighborhood newsletter, created in collaboration with Studio-Set for the 2016 Tokyo Art Book Fair)
Read Me.txt
Content II Produce
What does art have to do with the weather?
What We Think in America is Not Always Clear (essay for Kadist’s Addendum project distributed as ads, with fragments posted in prepper forums, as digital ‘leaks’ and in pseudonymous comments.)